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The primary purpose is to offer more functions for the member than the normal market HomeBanking products and to create a cost effective solution for the Credit Union that does not increase in price as more members utilize the service.

The system is designed around the concept of one screen navigation to provide all your features. No more going from screen to screen. This product will offer your members and staff all the functions listed below.

We are always looking for improvements and suggestions from our clients. Some of those suggestions are being implemented in the near future



                                                                               Current Home Banking Features


  • Check Imaging
  • Exporting to Quicken, Money and Excel
  • Transfers
    • On Demand Transfer
    • Recurring Transfer
    • ACH Transfer
    • Cross-Account Transfers
    • Member to Member Transfer
  • Withdrawal by Check
  • Cross-Account Viewing - Balances and History
  • Document Management System Interface
    • Display Receipts
    • Display Checks related to Deposit
    • Member Safety Deposit Box
  • E-Statements
    • Campaign and Avatar
    • Auto Enrollment
    • Archived Statements
    • 3 Party SSO Access available
  • E-Notices
  • E-Alerts - includes email or text options
  • Online Loan Application
    • Populates fields for member
    • Loads into PreStar
    • 3rd Party Access available
  • Address Change
    • Allows changes to primary, alternate and email addresses
    • CASS Certification
    • CU is emailed about the change
  • Bill Pay – SSO access
  • MoneyDeskTop - SSO and Data Feed
  • Mobile Banking App
    • Transfers
    • Withdrawal by Check
    • Cross-Sell
    • Special Memos
    • Remote Deposit feature
  • Pending Transactions:
    • ACH and Debit Card Authorization Holds
  • Remote Deposits
  • Off-Line Credit Card Payments
  • Check Reordering
  • Stop Pays
  • Secure Messaging
    • Send individual emails
    • Send attachments
    • Send Mass emails and texts
  • PIN Reset
  • Account Lockout Reset
  • Forgot Password Reset
  • Account Nicknames
  • Account Masking
  • Special Memos
  • Special CU Messages
  • Admin Reporting
  • Admin Member Login
  • Teller Level Login
  • Remote Login from CU Web Site
  • Highlighting of Past Due Loans and Negative Share Balances
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Challenge Questions
    • Security Tokens (word phrases or QUIDs)
  • Custom Chiclets 
  • Birthday Greetings Avatar
  • Custom Welcome Page and text areas
  • Principal Only Payments



                                                            Enhancements Coming Soon




Member Access Enhancements


  • Ability to search account history by amount, type of transaction or check number
  • Display Spectrum Recurring Transfers Along with Home Banking Recurring Transfers
  • Ability to View and Change ACH Transfers that have been submitted
  • View Loan Application Status
  • Request ATM/Debit Card Replacement
  • Login with User Name instead of Account Number
  • E-Alerts for pending transaction by greater than dollar amounts
  • Turn off / on Debit Cards access


Admin Enhancements

  • When Account Number Changes in Spectrum (OANR) , make change in Home Banking
  • Clear up Approved e-Notice Batches




                                                                    More Enhancements Coming Soon!!!!






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